After receiving some great feedback from last week’s blog, we thought we’d introduce you to another member of our team. This week’s blog post, is from Jade one of our Expert Trace Researchers. We asked her to tell you little about working at FinderMonkey and what her role entails. Take it away Jade…

I’m Jade, I saw James’ blog post last week and thought it would be great for you to see my side of the working at FinderMonkey.

Being a Trace Researcher FinderMonkeyI have been with FinderMonkey for 3 years, it was a little daunting when I started, not only was it my first full time job but it was a little overwhelming once it dawned on me how important what we do really is.

After about a year, I started to work more closely with David Oates our head researcher. He has taught me so much to get me on the right track to be able to trace people and to be honest I still learn so much from him now. Not many people can say they have been personally mentored by one of the UK’s leading genealogists can they?

It’s a little difficult to talk about what we “technically” do because we are constantly expanding our knowledge and adapting our skills to stay the best at being the most successful tracing team.

Our service is definitely unique because it means so much to us knowing that we are changing people lives and this is not just through being able to access the best and most accurate information but its more because we really do care about getting you the answers you need.

I think it’s great that we can take that stress and pressure away from people and I know full well that we will do whatever we can to find who you are looking for.

I still find it hard now dealing with the highs and lows of the job. Knowing that people are trusting us with such delicate and personal information and the pressure of dealing with each individual case on an emotional level too. I’m not sure that’s something I’ll ever learn to deal with but If I’m honest I’m not sure I want to, being able to share these emotions with you helps keep my focus and that is what makes FinderMonkey the company they are today.

It truly is a pleasure to work here, and I feel lucky to be working for the UK’s leading tracing company. I know and can say in full and honest confidence from seeing it and living it every day, we can help you, just trust me.