In this week’s blog post, we thought we’d introduce you to one of our Expert Trace Consultants, James Thackray. We asked him to tell you little about working at FinderMonkey and what his role entails. Take it away James…


My name is James, I’ve been with FinderMonkey for around 15 months now, and it’s quite likely I will have spoken to a few of you already.

When I first started here I was nervous, I’d never really had a job where I have had to speak to people about such delicate information. I mean don’t get me wrong, I will generally speak to anyone about anything (that’s probably part of the reason why I’m here) but in a lot of cases it’s an emotional journey (for both of us) and it’s an absolute pleasure to be a part of it too.

Being a Trace Consultant FinderMonkeyI always knew I would be doing something different, I always claimed that I would do something that makes a difference to people’s lives and I really think I have finally found my calling.

The team here are amazing, the compassion, understanding and dedication they all show is part of the reason we have been established as the UKs leading Tracing Company, that and the work of David Oates, our head researcher and his team.

The capabilities that Dave shows are incredible, he goes above and beyond for each and every case. He pushes the limits to get the answers and results that people need. Now, imparting these skills and knowledge onto the rest of the trace team he is building an unstoppable army of people finding experts. Rocketing our success rate to unimaginable heights and for the past 12 months this has never dropped below 92%, amazing!

Knowing all of these facts makes my part even easier and it has allowed me to kick the nerves aside. I know that when people come to us with limited information, when people are looking for someone they have not seen for years or sometimes ever, when people say “I’ve tried everything, you’ll never find them” or “I’ve hit a brick wall, what more can you do?”

My answer is easy. You’ve never used us.

The facts speak for themselves, we can help you and we will do whatever it takes and everything within our power to get the answers you need.

Sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith, and FinderMonkey will hold your hand through the whole process.

If you need to talk you know where I am 0113 2825900.