Anti Social Tenants are causing massive problems for Councils, Letting Agencies and Private Landlords.

Here at we specialise in Tracing Tenants who have absconded owing a landlord money. Today the govenment has annouced that it would like to speed up the time it takes to evict anti social tenants. Ministers say it can take more than a year to remove these people during which time they can make life a misery for others. Removing them is only part of the problem though,you must then go through the process of reclaiming your money. does see this move as a step in the right direction.

Those found guilty of a housing-related offence in England could be liable for automatic eviction in future. Outlining the plans on Tuesday, Housing Minister Grant Shapps will say anti-social behaviour has “blighted” too many neighbourhoods and left too many families living in fear.

In order to make it easier for councils, housing associations and  Private landlords to remove individuals with a track record of misconduct, he is proposing to introduce a new mandatory legal grounds for possession of properties in cases of serious anti-social behaviour.

“Victims and witnesses often have to continue living side by side with the perpetrators while action to evict them drags on for many months and sometimes years”

The Lancashire Telegraph also wrote an article about our tenant tracing services which you can view the case study for here.

Grant Shapps Housing Minister

An individual could be served with an eviction notice in the county court on the basis of a single conviction for anti-social behaviour without landlords and neighbouring tenants having to prove that they had committed a second similar offence.

“Considering competing claims and the evidence involved in these complex cases should be left to the courts, particularly where cases involve tenants with a mental health problem, disability or where children are involved.”

Have you experienced problems with anti social tenants that you have had to remove for damaging property or not paying rent?

Here at we specialise in finding ex tenants and can trace them to their new residential address to give landlords the opportunity to reclaim their money from these people. For further information please visit our tenant tracing page. We hope we can help you combat Anti Social Tenants.

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