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What do you do now?

Now we have supplied you with your results, you might be feeling apprehensive about how best to contact the person we have traced. This is perfectly natural and many of our customers face this dilemma so you are not alone. This dilemma is especially true if you have never met the person or haven’t seen them for a number of years. How should you make that initial contact? What should you say? What will they say?

Our Aftercare pack, is an easy to read best practice guide designed to help you and provide the advice you need to do a good job of making the initial contact with the person. You only get one chance to make a first impression!

The guide includes:

  • The most common used method of contacting a person and why it is wrong
  • What you should consider saying and what you should never say
  • What to consider from the other persons point of view
  • Examples of how other customers have made contact with people we have traced for them

Simply fill in the order form and we will send your Aftercare pack to your email address within one hour during working hours or by 10am the next working day.

Aftercare Pack - Order Page

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