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Why Should Someone Trust Us To Carry Out An Adoption Search?

Once people have made their minds up that they want to find either an adopted person or if they are an adopted person looking for a birth relative. Then it is important to consider two things. How you approach wanting to carry out a search and what you want to get from your adoption search.

It is important to use somebody who is an Ofsted registered intermediary. At FinderMonkey we work alongside Joanna North Associates Joanna North Associates are an adoption support agency and registered with Ofsted. They are able to conduct intermediary services for people who have been separated by adoption. That’s the number one reason why people can trust us to do an adoption search.

The next reason to trust us to carry out your adoption search is the accuracy of the information we can provide. We’ll take great care to access records and find factual information that will help us find the right person you are looking for. When we come back to our clients and tell them we have found the right person, we can do so with absolute confidence. We can ensure that the person we have identified and located is their relative.

You can be sure that the information we are finding is accurate. Moreover, another thing to consider is how you make contact with a living relative that you are looking for. At FinderMonkey we can do that through an Ofsted registered intermediary. The process is carried out with great care and attention and not just to you as the person who is looking but also for the person that we find.

Finally, we understand the better we treat people we come in contact with. The more likely you are to get a positive outcome from that contact. They are the main reasons that people should trust us to do an adoption-related trace for them.

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