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The Company – written by our Director – Ryan Shaw

About Us FinderMonkeyWhen John and I started FinderMonkey back in 2007 we had very simple criteria for what we wanted our business to look like. This is what we wrote…

“We believe everyone has the right to know more about who they are and where they come from. Everything we do will be to help people reach their goal. We’ll work hard and do our very best for everyone who comes to us and uses our people tracing service. We’ll stand out from the crowd”

Big words for a brand new business that at the time had one phone, one desk, two owners and no staff but that was the day FinderMonkey was born. Why did we call our people tracing business FinderMonkey? It was to stand out and appear different to the run of the mill trace companies that are abundant in the tracing industry. We’re not like them and we never wanted to be. We stand for something different, quality ethical tracing done for the public.

Cut forward to 2015 and we’ve learned a lot, but we’ve also stayed true to these values. We now operate out of our office in Leeds and employ 7 staff. We’ve specialised consultants and researchers to help any member of the public to track down old friends or family members, quickly and cost effectively. If you are considering using our people finder UK services to locate a long lost member of your family or an old friend then I hope you can see we are serious about what we do and I assure you we’ll do the best job we can to help you.

Our People Tracing Services – written by our Head Researcher – David Oates

About Us FinderMonkeyWhen I joined FinderMonkey in 2010 I was so happy. I was determined to make the company bigger and better than ever before. I immediately did a full review of our trace systems and processes to make sure we stood an excellent chance of finding the exact person any member of the public was looking for. We needed systems and data that made sure we stood out from the crowd, systems that members of the public could not access. Our systems are now the best available and as a consequence our success rate in over 90%, this is something I am enormously proud of.

The culmination of all this hard work and effort has led to us being selected for a new TV documentary due to start soon. The show will feature inside our offices and there will be interviews with both myself and our director Ryan Shaw as well as with the people we have reunited. It’s certain that you’ll be hearing a lot more about FinderMonkey over the coming weeks and months.

We’re always looking to improve our service, so currently we’re improving our reports, our customer emails and our trace processes.

Your Complimentary Consultation – written by our Expert Trace Consultant – James Thackray

About Us FinderMonkeyHi, I’m James and if you do decide to take your search further it will be me you speak with. I’ll run through the details you have about the person you want to find and have a chat with you about what you’re looking to get out of using our service. I’ll be the one to work out a personalised price for you and then after that, I’ll get your case confirmed and sent across to David and the trace team to work on. I’ve been with FinderMonkey for almost a year now. I love it here, everyone who works here is dedicated to helping people and that’s really important to me.

If you choose to have a consultation with FinderMonkey, I look forward to speaking to you soon. I promise you, I’ll listen to what you want to achieve and advise you on the best way to move forward with a search. So make a brew and give me a call (why not right now?) and we’ll have a friendly chat.

Your Own Personal Researcher – written by our Professional Trace Researcher – Jake Birchall

About Us FinderMonkeyHi I’m Jake and I’m a trace researcher here at FinderMonkey. Once you’ve had a consultation with James and decided to go ahead with a search, your case will be passed through to the trace room. Once in here either myself or my colleague Jade will begin work on your case, looking at potential matches and additional information that will help us to identify your exact person. As part of the research team we work closely with David the head researcher.

About Us FinderMonkeyWe’re proud of our success rates and work hard to keep customers happy. Customer service is a big part of our job so we like to provide our customers with regular updates. We make sure that we support customers through the whole process.

The part of my job that gives me most pride is when we find someone who hasn’t been seen for thirty, forty or even fifty years. I also love when I connect two people who never met each other before, it just took one of them to do something about it. If you choose to use FinderMonkey to locate someone, I can assure you that we’ll do everything we can to find your person and we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. Hope to be working with you really soon.

For a complimentary consultation with James, call 0113 2825900 now. We can’t wait to help you find the person you are looking for or if you want to know more information about our team visit the meet the team page.