5 Online Tracing Tools You NEED to use to be able to trace anyone!

I wanted to put together a list of useful resources that will help you to trace anybody you might be looking for. Some of them are really clever, I especially like number 4 on the list.

This blog post has been written by David Oates, Head Researcher here at FinderMonkey and author of Long Lost Family Tracing…

The trace researchers here at FinderMonkey use different tracing tools to find different pieces of information, that information is key for us to be able to find the people we’re looking for. We have access to tracing systems that are not available to the public, some of these tools we have to be licensed to use and we have to have a data protection license too. Having access to these high level systems is what helps us to find over 90% of people we are asked to trace.

We are always on the hunt for information online, sometimes bits of information about a person pop up on a random website and because of this we come across some really great websites…

Ideally, we want you to use our service to find the exact person you’re looking for but in reality it’s just not suitable for everyone, we know that so I thought you might appreciate these little finds. We don’t use any of these searches ourselves. They are great resources for tracing people but are not used by our trace researchers here at FinderMonkey…

1.    Missing You

Missing You has been around since 1998, it has helped thousands of people to get in contact with long lost family and friends they’ve lost touch with. It’s a free and instant on-line messaging service designed to help you contact:

  • Long Lost Family
  • Old Friends You’ve not seen in a long while
  • Distant Relatives you’ve never met
  • Former Workmates you’ve lost contact with
  • Forces Buddies you just can’t wait to meet again

According to the website more than 25,000 people from around the world visit Missing You every week. Their success stories have attracted lots of media coverage. The site is simple to use and has a proven track record of helping people. CLICK HERE TO VISIT MISSING YOU

2.    People Search UK

People search is a free resource with articles and guides designed to help you get back in touch with people you have lost touch with. The layout and design are a bit old fashioned but the information can be helpful. The site is useful if you are looking to trace people for free. Be warned though, in our opinion you cannot find people for free, you will always need to spend money unless you find them on Facebook. People Search does have some interesting ideas though so its worth checking out. CLICK HERE TO VISIT PEOPLE SEARCH UK

3.    Genes Reunited

Genes Reunited is a great website for researching people. You can search census records, use their birth, death and marriage records and search military records. The site is free to start using but if you want to access certain information they can provide it on a pay as you go basis or you can subscribe to their services. It’s a brilliant website for locating birth and marriage records, it’s a key for been able to identify the exact person you are looking for. Genes Reunited is one of the leading genealogy sites in the UK and it’s great for finding living people too. CLICK HERE TO VISIT GENES REUNITED

4.    192.com 5 Online Tracing Tools You NEED FinderMonkey

192.com is a website full of data, from electoral rolls to company records. It’s the UK’s premier website for electoral roll searches. So if you want to find someones address then this would be the service to use. Especially if you know the name of the person you are looking for and an area of the country that you think they live in. 192 will take those two pieces of information and look for matches for you. CLICK HERE TO VISIT 192.com 5 Online Tracing Tools You NEED FinderMonkey

5.   FinderMonkey Private Facebook Group

Just launched in the last few days, the aim of the group is to make sure everyone who is considering using our service can talk to likeminded people and be supported through the whole process. The group aims to help and educate anyone who is looking for a friend or long lost family member. Members of staff will also be involved with the group, offering opinions and advice. So please join the group and we’ll be happy to accept you. We want the group to be the biggest on Facebook and really create a community feel. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR FREE FACEBOOK GROUP

That’s it for this week. I’ll be back with another post next Friday so look out for that. I’ve also dusted off the video camera so fully intend on recording a series of videos about finding people so look out for that too.

Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see in those videos. You can view one of our previous blog posts where we interview a previous client here.