These 4 Jaw dropping, life changing People Search videos will really get you thinking. Just imagine been back in touch with someone you care about. Would you feel the same as the people in these videos? When you get to the bottom of what happened to the person you are looking for, it’s a real life changing moment and these videos will show you why.

People Search Video One – A womans Emotional Reunion With Her Long Lost Dad

A woman turns to Bethenny (an American talk show) and investigative genealogist Pamela Slaton to find the father she hasn’t seen since childhood. This is an emotional amazing video. You can see what it means to both of them and really explains why these matters are not always as clear as they first appear. There are two sides to every story as they say. We love this video here at FinderMonkey

People Search Video Two – Long Lost Sister Found

An amazing story of love and determination. Steve Inman and his family had been searching for his sister for nearly 4 decades. Thanks to Steve’s efforts and Facebook they have been reunited. What a brilliant story. This news report really manages to convey the emotions that people feel in this situation. Tears of joy, tears of relief.

People Search Video Three – Family Reunion

If you can watch this video without crying then your better than we are. This short but lovely video shows how happy a reunion can be. You can see the unbridled joy in all their faces. This is after three years apart, we’ve had of people been reunited after thirty, forty, even fifty years apart.

People Search Video Four – The Big Aussie Reunion

This video has been viewed over 250,000 times since it was uploaded. When you watch it you’ll see why! Last October, Flight Centre UK and Tourism and Events Queensland launched The Big Aussie Reunion competition to give UK residents the chance to see their long lost friends and families in Australia. We took them to Queensland’s Gold Coast where the Aussies choose to go on their holidays, to give them the best memories and moments to share together. Watch the video to see what happened.

We hope you enjoyed watching these videos. It’s really awesome to see peoples reactions to these special moments in their lives. If you have someone missing from your life, whether this is an old friend or a long lost family member, have a look around our site and see if there is any help and advice that gets you on your way to your own special reunion.